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Piston Rings

Piston RingsPiston Rings seal gas pressure to avoid leaking from one side of the compressor piston to the other side. They work by sealing against the cylinder bore and thus compress gas/air.

Rings are available in angle cut, butt cut or step cut designs.

Rings can be manufactured to customer specifications or cross referenced from our extensive library of OEM part numbers.

Ring materials and designs are available for both lubricated and non-lubricated applications. As well as low pressure applications which usually require an expander ring to help energize the ring against the cylinder wall.

Pressure Balanced rings are avaiable for high pressure applications to help relieve pressure associated with the ring riding along the cylinder wall.

Piston Ring/Rider combo is also available for applications where rider bands cannot be installed due to sizing restrictions. Ring/Rider combos can also be used for pistons which have been reworked beyond their recommended clearances and also cannot be machined for rider band installation.

Experienced personnel is on hand to recommend materials and designs for any type of applications and working environments.