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Rod Pressure Packing

Double Tangent PairRod pressure packing consists of a series of mechanical rings that provide a seal against the piston rod so that the compressed gas cannot escape the cylinder. Rod packing rings are precision machined to accommodate specific rod sizes and tolerances set in place by the compressor OEM manufacturer. They can be designed to operate in both lubricated and non-lubricated environments as well as in vacuum or high pressure applications

Rod packing designs and materials vary according to operating and process conditions. Experienced staff is on hand to help you determine the best ring design and material for maximum performance of your packing rings.

Rod Pressure Packing Types:

01 Pressure Breaker
01	Pressure Breaker

07 Zero Gap Pressure Breaker

02 Radial Tangent Pair
Radial Tangent Pair

03 Double Tangent Pair
Double Tangent Pair

21 Radial Tangent Pair w/Backup Ring

27 Tangent-to-Rod w/Backup Ring
Tangent to Rod with Backup Ring

WAT 3pc Low Pressure Seal - Single Acting
WAT 3pc Low Pressure Seal - Single Action

AL 5pc Low Pressure Seal - Double Acting
AL	5pc Low Pressure Seal - Double Acting