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Scraper Rings

Scraper rings wipe oil from the compressor rod's surface and contain it within the crankcase or oil source. Scraper rings not only wipe oil from the compressor rod but they also provide a sealing benefit because of their tangential cut. Scraper rings incorporate a deep wiping edge, face reliefs and vent holes to effectively scrape and drain oil from the rod. Scraper rings can be manufactured to OEM specs or to customer specified dimensions. They are available in a variety of materials which are dependent on factors such as compressor rod material, gas being compressed, temperatures and/or working conditions(psi).


08 Tangent-to-Rod Oil Scraper
Tangent-to-Rod Oil Scraper

2-08 2pc Tangent-to-Rod Oil Scraper

10 Double Acting Tangent-to-Rod Oil Scraper