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Wiper Rings

Wiper RingsA wiper ring's main function is to wipe oil from the compressor rod's surface and contain it within the crankcase or oil source. A narrow wiping edge on the ring "wipes" the oil from the rod and redirects it through radial cut face reliefs in order for the liquid to drain from the cup. A wiper ring's only function is to wipe liquid from the rod but it can be used in combination with other ring designs to offer wiping and sealing benefits. Wiper rings can be manufactured to OEM specs or to customer specified dimensions. They are available in a variety of materials which are dependent on factors such as compressor rod material, gas being compressed, temperatures and/or working conditions(psi).


09 Radial Cut Wiper

2-09 2pc Radial Cut Wiper

3-09 3pc Radial Cut Wiper